Federal Employee Disability Insurance

Wright USA Can Help Protect Your Income

10 Reasons to Buy Disability Income protection from Wright USA

Wright USA can help you keep your promises and help protect your income.

Our Disability Income Insurance Plan can help ensure your financial goals and dreams stay on track.

Even if you became Disabled and can’t work for an extended time, our Disability Income Insurance Plan helps protect you.

The Disability Income Insurance Plan from Wright USA is specifically for you, the Federal Employee.

  1. What happens when someone like you becomes disabled? Retirement plans, children’s educational plans, etc., often get put on hold. However, mortgage payments, car payments, and credit card payments continue.
  2. There may currently be significant gaps in any federally provided disability income protection plan. FERS and CSRS do not provide disability income coverage other than the disability retirement provision for more than 40% of salary (if less than 22 years of service). All new federal employees are also required to wait 18 full months before any Disability Income benefits can begin. (1)
  3. Any federally provided disability and retirement benefit is taxable. The benefits under the Wright USA are generally not taxable…and you can collect up to 65% of your base salary in monthly benefits (as always, you should consult your tax advisor for more information). (1)
  4. Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be much harder than you think. Relying on Social Security, Workers Compensation, and even your own savings may not be sufficient strategies to compensate for income lost due to disability.
  5. Every second another disability occurs in the U.S. (2)
  6. Just over 1 in 4 Americans age 20 today will become disabled before they retire. (3)
  7. 62% of all personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. in 2007 were due to inability to pay for medical expenses. (3)
  8. The average long-term disability absence lasts 2 1/2 years. (2) And, 1 in 7 of us can be expected to be disabled more than three years. (3)
  9. Most American (71%) employees live from paycheck-to-paycheck, without enough savings to cushion the financial blow of a disability. (3) Disability Income (DI) protection is economical. In fact, Wright USA's DI plan costs $6.25 per month per $10,000 of annual income.
  10. Want to help safeguard your income if you become Disabled? Consider a Disability Income Insurance Plan from Wright USA specifically for you, the Federal Employee.

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If You Download the Application - Please Note: Your future Wright USA premiums can be paid automatically from your account at your financial institution on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual basis through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). To sign up for EFT: download, complete, and return our EFT Form along with your completed application.

Policy Form AGP-1311 A (5389) & Policy Form AGP-1311 A (5391)

Please read the website for more information (including costs, exclusions, limitations, and terms of coverage) on this plan.


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