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Federal Employee Products & Services

  • Professional Liability

    Wright USA's Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI) can provide you peace of mind- knowing you will receive legal assistance if a claim is made against you, even if the allegation is completely false. We have developed several options to meet your unique needs and great rates on Professional Liability Insurance. Federal Employees at all levels should make sure they are protected. With Wright USA, you will get experienced attorneys to guide you through the federal investigative process.

  • Disability Insurance

    At Wright USA, our Federal Employee Disability Insurance plan helps fill your coverage gaps and ensure your financial goals and dreams stay on track- even if sickness or injury prevents you from working. Do you want to help safeguard your income if you become disabled? Consider an Disability Insurance from Wright USA that was designed specifically for the Federal Employee.

  • Life Insurance

    Our Life Insurance for Federal Employees is usually less expensive than a comparable individual policy. At Wright USA, we enable you to choose the level of Life Insurance coverage that fits your needs.

  • Dental Insurance

    Taking care of your teeth is a must for overall healthiness. Wright USA has developed a variety of Dental Plans to fit the budget and location of any Federal Government Employee, so you can get the dental care that you and your family need. At Wright USA, we are well known for being easy to work with, fast, and efficient..

  • Umbrella Insurance

    As an extension of your auto or homeowners policy, Umbrella Liability Insurance kicks in when the liability coverage of your other policies have been exhausted. At Wright USA our Umbrella Liability Insurance plan provides world-wide coverage for you and your family. We have partnered with highly-rated carriers to bring Federal Employees a comprehensive, affordable policy.