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Deborah Cohn, a commissioner of Trademarks for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), reportedly violated several federal regulations when she intervened in the hiring process to further the application of the man who was seeking the position of attorney advisor according to an inspector general investigation. The man, the boyfriend of one of Cohn’s […]

One of the U.S. Capitol Police department’s five deputy chiefs is being investigated for engaging in a romantic relationship with a female subordinate and getting her a plum job in the department, according to  officials. A grievance filed alleges the woman was transferred to a position that wasn’t publicly posted.  The job is desirable within […]

Several Agency blunders in recent years from the General Services Administration to the Internal Revenue Service to the Veterans Administration have put agency leaders on the firing line and sometimes getting fired themselves.  This has forced Feds at all levels to take a good hard look at how they are risk managing their own careers.  […]

Fed employees have been in the news like never before in recent times and probably not in the way they would like. Debate over the size and cost of the federal government has morphed into a debate over the size and cost of the federal workforce.  There’s strong opinions among many that both are too […]

The Obama Administration has been scrambling to contain spreading outrage over delayed medical care and falsified recordkeeping at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities while the House just passed a bill to make it easier to fire career employees tied to the scandal at the beleaguered agency.  The VA’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is investigating […]