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St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and celebrations around the world are in full swing.  For many, it represents a lucky day (i.e., “The Luck of the Irish”), dominated by the color green, including green-dyed beverages of your choice.  However, there are probably many St. Patrick’s Day fun factoids you may be unaware of.  Here […]

Following up on our February 6th blog post regarding the big increase in federal workers called for in President Obama’s 2016 budget; according to OMB, federal agencies are actually hiring more than 72,000 employees in 2015, reversing sequestration cuts and years of hiring freezes.  This 2015 hiring surge is separate from that set forth in […]

Help may be on the way for the overworked, beleaguered, stressed out federal employee.  President Obama’s budget contains provisions to hire more than 100,000 employees over the next two years to replenish agencies hit hard by recent cuts.  If approved as is, federal civilian employment would reach its highest level since the end of the […]

Managers in every Federal Agency continuously face serious professional liability exposures due to various demands placed on them.  The EEOC recently reported 15,837 employment-related complaints were filed against the Federal Government last year (Click Here for the Full EEOC Report).    Complaints and actions brought by subordinates against Federal Managers frequently lead to EEOC investigations.  You’ve […]

On August 14th, Social Security marked 79 years of public service.  On that date in 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) signed into law the Social Security Act, thereby establishing one of the most venerable federal government programs in American history.  The first American to receive Social Security got 17 cents in benefits.  Today, Social […]